EU, Merkel’s conditions are the Justice Reform and elections

EU, Merkel’s conditions are the Justice Reform and elections

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In a press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Prime Minister Edi Rama, said that Albania does not require anything undeserved. “Our European integration remains a major task,” he added.

Merkel said that Albania has undertaken huge reforms and Germany has always supported this country, Albeu reports.

She confirmed to PM Edi Rama the new conditions of the EU. “It is important for the reforms to continue. EC has set five priorities and one of them is the Justice Reform. The implementation of this reform is key to integration. The fight against crime and corruption must be a continuous battle. Keep in mind also the electoral process. I believe that Albania has achieved important things”, Merkel said.

PM Edi Rama said that he accepts the condition of the EU, which according to him is the implementation of the justice reform. Rama said that Albania will do what it takes to complete this reform, while not leaving behind the other priorities of the EC.

He thanked his German counterpart for the support given to Albania and added that for the government, the EU homework is not a burden given by the foreign countries, but a debt towards our children.

PM Edi Rama said that the government will continue to work and go ahead with reforms, so that sooner than later, we can become EU members

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